THE TITLE IS A /J I AM CERTAIN YOU HAVE PLENTY OF FRIENDS (unless you don't then go befriend a bird)

GOOD MORNING AXOLOTS I am here again with another vlog, the third of it's kind here in the faline san youtube channel. Today I bring to you a classic day in my life video, where I go out for the first time, touch grass, bathe in sunlight and eat stale spaghetti. I hope this shall promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle to you all, when in doubt simply do nothing and eat stale overpriced fast food. (this is a lie do not do that)

A simple video for today B)) upload might be a doozy the next weeks or so but I hope I'll be able to make some more #entertainment for yall soon, until then pls send cheese to my home so I will not starve thank you

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