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The War Between Influencers and Celebrities

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel!! For today's video I thought we could check out something I've noticed in the past few years with influencers becoming a lot more common to see in "traditional celebrity spaces," that being the argument on whether influencers should be at them at all. The other argument that follows pretty close behind is whether influencers should even be considered celebrities at this point. With more influencers either from YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram showing up at bigger celebrity events like the MET Gala or the Grammys, it seems like every year this argument gets brought up again and people are still equally as shocked and annoyed that they were invited in the first place. Honestly seems like no matter which influencer is invited whether it's Liza Koshy and James Charles or Emma Chamberlain and Addison Rae, there are always people really angry about it so I thought we could check it out especially with the 2022 MET Gala happening last monday.

If I'm being honest I think these days I'm a lot more neutral on the situation considering whether you like it or not, for younger generations it's impossible to deny that influencers are becoming their celebrities. And if these massive events and awards shows want to keep younger people tuning in (especially considering most of them are struggling right now to hold onto viewership in the first place), they have to start paying attention to them. But it is pretty entertaining watching people on twitter freak out over it all tbh lol. I think this is definitely one of those topics where a lot of people are going to have different takes on it so if you're down definitely share in the comments! I'm curious to know what you guys think about it all

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