basically just 8illy telling you what's been happening to him, mf hasn't posted in a year but its a great video i mean bro talks about the house nobody asked for and his roommate anthpo but also important lessons about self comparison and becoming a full time creator and the car crash and his goals and dreams so its really a lot hopefully it doesnt feel trauma dumpy not the vibe he was tryna go for lmao

Contents in the video 0:00 Start 0:42 The House Nobody Asked For 05:32 New life 08:20 Self comparison 12:09 Splitting up 15:47 New apartment 16:26 Going back home 17:02 2021 18:48 Friends 27:11 Picking life back up 28:47 Dreams & goals 29:24 How my mind works 30:03 Overworked 32:51 Car crash 34:10 End