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Last time on dragon ball super, ultra vegito had finally met with jiren. And after a battle between the titans, jiren eventually revealed he was the new god of universe 11, leaving the god killer in a tricky predicament. #ultravegito #belmod

0:00 - Story recap 0:30 - patreon 1:00 - ultra vegito gives up 6:52 - jiren kills ultra vegito 10:58 - ultra vegito returns 15:59 - ultra vegito tells jiren what the gods did 24:01 - ultra vegito gives jiren a time ring 28:21 - jiren kills belmod

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Thumbnail credit: Created by my personal artist @ELordy This is a paid commission and NOT for reuse. Read Manga Yourself: Music Credit: Covers by PokeMixr, DBZRemixes and Saiyan Enigma.

DISCLAIMER: This is fan made project which uses ZERO materials or assets from any third party. This is comprised of individual sketches/fan art of characters, narrated over by a single voice actor (CALLMEARJ) who is telling an imaginative and completely original story. All illustrations and music used are unofficial and produced specifically for use in these fan driven videos comprised of simple illustrations, subtitles and narration. These stories involve heavily exaggerated moments which are comedic and parody the subject, with numerous jokes hidden throughout.