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Matt's Off Road Recovery and Fab Rats show up to pick up Ed's custom made Golden Nugget trailer to take up and get some modifications in order to fit the hitch of the Nugget! After that Robby helps Matt look for a new engine to put in the Morrvair!

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1 Frozen Skid Loader & 2 Trucks With Matt's Off Road Recovery + Trail Mater

The Banana Repaint Videos: Assessing Damage To Matt's Off Road Recovery Jeep

We Cut The Roof Off Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep

Matt's Off Road Recovery Jeep Gets Some Well Deserved Fresh Paint

Will Matt's Off Road Recovery Like The New Paint?!

Finalizing Paint On Matt's Off Road Recovery Jeep

Peterbilt 389 Wrecker Body Repair Videos: Welding A Semi Back Together With Plastic! (Part 1)

Peterbilt In 1,000 Pieces Will We Ever Get It Back Together?? (Part 2)

Reassembling The Wrecked Peterbilt 389 (Part 3)

Finishing Up The Peterbilt 389 Repair Job. (Part 4)

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Recovery Videos: 2 Trucks, 24 Inches Of Snow, 1 Recovery Jeep. A Recipe For Success

BIG TRUCK, UP HILL, I'D CALL THAT STUCK! First Snow Recovery In The Jeep

Failed Recovery - We got STUCK!


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