Why is stephens best friend not girlfriend back at stephen sharer house?! Is Colie back for another prank after Stephen Sharer revealed the shark was fake on their hawaii dream vacation. GET THE MERCH! https://stephensharer.com/ Hot Wheels Voting begins Monday, May 16th

Now Stephen Sharer house is being packed up in boxes. Stephen has some big news! What do you think the surprise is? Anyways, today Stephen is recording his new song “Flex” which will be out on Spotify soon! Stephen just has to make sure he doesn’t get pranked by Colie! She definitely wants to do a revenge prank on Stephen share for pranking her! Also, you’re not gonna believe it Sharers, Stephen has been invited to the Hot Wheels Headquarters to their top secret garage called the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends! It was so epic! They had so many top secret Hot Wheels cars in real life. These IRL Hot Wheels Cars are ultra rare and custom made. They are so cool! Stephen there to announce a Hot Wheels competition. Stephen Sharer is hosting the Hot Wheels Hack the Track Challenge! A bunch of creators from over 8 countries from all over the world are competing to build the most epic Hot Wheels Track and YOU get to decide the winner! Click the link below to vote for your favorite Hot Wheels Track! Thanks for watching my supercar entertainment recording studio vlog in 2022, you will love this super spy ninja hot wheels garage! Make sure to smash the like button for Hot Wheels and subscribe for more epic vlogs!

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