When @HeavyDSparks called us up over Labor Day Weekend last fall and told us he'd sunk his $400,000 @Pavati Wake Boats, we thought we might be falling for one of his pranks like he'd pulled on @Logan Paul when Dave and the crew removed Logan's new truck tires putting his new truck up on blocks.

After a bit of begging/convincing for us to believe his story, turns out, that Dave was doing nothing more than enjoying a weekend at the lake with his family when he made a bonehead mistake and sunk his own boat.

Thankfully, his wife and kids were all wearing life jackets at the time and everybody was safe.

Unfortunately, our timing to help Dave didn't work out last fall and the $400,000 Pavati boat sat at the bottom of Lake Powell for nearly 9-months.

With water levels dropping in Lake Powell, the Pavati Wake Boat which was once at 125' deep now sat in JUST 95' of water. 😅😬

Now listen...

Most boats are a quick 1 lift bag, 1 tank, quick dive, and pop recovery.

Turns out a Pavati Wake Boat is not a cheaply made fiberglass boat.

OH NO!!!

A Pavati is a specially designed, welded aluminum, lead-infused, luxury wake boat weighing a cool 6500 pounds making it our most insane/intense boat recovery to date.

This is one episode you're not gonna wanna miss as you watch two amazing recovery teams team up to recover HeavyD's $400,000 sunk Pavati boat!

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Buy yourself a Luxury Pavati Wake Boat with all that extra scratch you have under your mattress! https://pavati.com/

And be sure to check out Symphony of Destruction aka The Lost Boys channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SymphonyOfDestruction

This boat recovery, although difficult and challenging, gave the AWP crew a nice break from the Cold Cases we work. It was great to be out on the water, let loose, and simply enjoy the 2-day recovery with new friends.


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