In Episode 196 of Mike Finnegan's Garage, we visit Harrell Engine and Dyno and Customs By Bigun in Mooresville, North Carolina. At HED, we check out the broken Hemi that powered Blasphemi, my 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, to the A/GAS Class win at Hot Rod Drag Week 2019. We also get a good look at the replacement parts Pete Harrell is going to use to upgrade the powerplant. These parts include a new cast aluminum engine block from Keith Black Racing Engines: Forged pistons and connecting rods from CP-Carrillo: Total Seal piston rings: and a Callies crankshaft: We'll be re-using the same Stage V cast aluminum Hemi Heads: and The Blower Shop 8-71 high-helix roots supercharger: After visiting Pete we walked next door to Customs By Bigun to see what hot rods they were working on and to have the Holley fuel injectors taken from Blasphemi and Game Over, my twin-turbo 711ci Hemi-powered jet boat, flow-tested. The results were surprising: The injectors were 120 and 160 lb/hr flow-matched units from Holley:

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