How to build a stock appearing racing engine from Harbor Freight. All the tools and parts you'll need to take a non-hemi 212 Predator engine from 6.5 HP up to 18 HP.

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Engine Parts (Total $1184.16 before taxes and shipping)(Affiliate Links) Non-Hemi 212 Predator: 28.5 Intake Valve: 25 Exhaust Valve: 1:3 Rockers: Retainers: Lash Caps: 36# Springs: Cam: Flat Top Piston: Connecting Rod: Long Carburetor Stud: Billet Flywheel: Gasket Set: Push Rods 5.340: Top Plate: Fuel Pump: Air Filter: Air Filter Adapter: Spark Plug: Chain Guard: Pre-filter: Header: Fuel Line: Carb: Valve Spacer: 2° advance key:

Tools Used(Affiliate Links) Plastigauge: Flex-Hone: Piston Ring Installer: Assembly Lube: Ice Pick: Piston Ring Compressor 70 mm: Torque Wrench: Cut-up Side Cover: Dye Grinder: Crankshaft Stop: Valve Grinding Compound: 5.5 mm Reamer: Valve Guide Hone: Valve Guide Remover: Valve Seat Pocket Cutter: Adjustable Range: 1 1/8"- 1 1/4" for 3/8" pilot. (Ebay) 3-angle Valve Job Tool: Spring Pocket Cutting Tool: Valve Lapper: Valve Spring Tool (newer version): Kart Oil: Zink Additive for Break In:

Stock Appearing Rules • Stock appearing Clone/Predator that must be pull started with a standard rope. No external compression release. • No strokers. Must be stock stroke. • No external billet parts. No billet side covers. • No external mods. • Must be a Clone or 212 Predator block. No Honda, Tillotson or other blocks. • No head studs, no side cover studs. Must use bolts. • Maximum 2.815 bore. • Carb must be Predator/small block/Clone carb. • Carb cannot have external mods including welding or epoxy on the outside to allow bigger bore. • Choke can be removed and sealed • No fuel additives. (methanol and gasoline allowed) • No block bracing or head girdles. • No aftermarket carb spacer between carb and head and cannot be vented or pulsed into carb or intake anywhere (valve cover spacer allowed).

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0:00 Intro 0:32 Predator 212 Motor 1:03 Engine Teardown 3:38 Connecting Rod 4:10 Piston 4:35 Crankshaft Clearance 5:38 Cylinder Hone 6:08 Piston Rings 8:32 Crankshaft-Piston Assembly 9:17 Camshaft 10:50 Block Clearance 13:15 Flywheel Assembly 15:08 Ignition Timing 16:56 Ignition Coil 17:27 Cylinder Head Disassembly 18:11 Valve Seat Removal 19:05 Valve Guide Honing 20:38 Cutting Valve Seat 21:24 3-angle Valve Job 22:19 Porting and Polishing 24:16 Head Milling 25:00 Valve Grinding 25:35 Spring Pockets 27:04 Valve Train Assembly 30:22 Roller Rockers 32:26 Finding Top Dead Center 34:43 Set Lash 36:26 Carburetor Assembly 38:25 Top Plate