Come play on DiNO PLANET with me and my family 🦕

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Today Me, Niko, Mom, and Dad decided to go explore a new planet today! We all got in our new Dino Rocket and blasted off, headed for Dino Planet! When we got there, we all jumped out of the rocket and started exploring! We needed to give all the Dinosaurs a zoo check up to make sure they are ok! All of our dino's looked happy and healthy! They all had baby eggs too! the pterodactyl's even had some babies coming out from their eggs! When we were finishing up our dinosaur vet routine, Mom heard the lava volcano erupting! We run up high to hide from the lava while it cooled. When we came back down we noticed ALL of the eggs got scared and ran away.. so we were going to have to find them all! First.. we needed some practice, so we went into a house on Dino Planet and played the new Dino Planet on Adley's PlaySpace! On the new game, we had to collect all of the eggs before the lava monster got them! We played the new planet on ALL 3 modes! Safari Mode, Story Mode, and BATTLE Mode! Once we got enough practice finding eggs, we went back out to find all of our real life dinosaur eggs! They were hiding ALL over the planet!

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