In today's Family Farm Vlog, the loft gets framed in the barndominium, plus the electricians, painters, HVAC, & builders are all here today rocking & rolling on the barndo! Brooke's mom's house gets painted & we are getting ready for the porches!! 🎧 Our YouTube Podcast Channel: 😁 Cog Hill Shorts Channel: 👕Our Merchandise and Everything Else Cog Hill: Mailing Address: PO Box 2782 Clanton, AL 35046 [email protected]

Welcome To Cog Hill Farm & Homestead: Good wholesome family fun on the farm and homestead!

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If you are just beginning a homestead or just starting out, I hope these homesteading videos & our homestead channel are helpful to you & your Family!

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Thanks for watching this episode of life on our family farm! Y'all be good, Jason, Brooke, MaryCarl, Peaches, & Nugget Cog Hill Farm & Homestead