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I used the Complete for Cats DNA kit to learn more about ChouChou’s genetic health and ancestry. In this video, I share his results and discuss your questions about feline genetics with a Wisdom Panel veterinarian!

Don’t forget to tell me if you try a Wisdom Panel DNA kit with your cat!

Chapters 00:00 Introduction 4:10 How Does DNA testing Work 5:26 Are cleft palates hereditary? 6:15 How can increased sampling help further identify genetic patterns? 7:43 Are some diseases more prevalent in certain types of cats? 9:12 What is the correlation between white cats and deafness? 11:43 Genetics in calico cats explained 15:19 How can kittens in the same litter have different color patterns? 16:36 Can you determine paternity of litters via DNA testing?
17:24 Is there a future where you can identify extended cat families via DNA? 18:19 What effects do inbreeding have on genetics? 19:41 What determines eye color, and is it linked to fur color? 21:45 Are paw traits genetic? 23:07 DNA testing for the future and the benefits for veterinary health 25:45 The importance of blood typing 27:17 Domestic shorthairs debunked 28:40 Conclusion

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