My Husky Puppy learns to swim in the swimming pool for dogs! Today is the day! Eleanor the husky puppy gets to learn how to swim! We want our dogs to love water and swimming, so we try to take it very slow when it comes to water. Can you teach a dog to swim? I think you can, if you take your time. Do all dogs like to swim? No, not all dogs enjoy swimming. I feel like the earlier you show them how, the more comfortable they become with water. Memphis likes to swim in the lake, but she isn't as excited about swimming in the pool. Kira however, we worked with her as a puppy, and slowly showed her how amazing swimming was. She also had Shelby to watch, and Shelby loved swimming! Eleanor has been watching our dog Kira swim for a few laps, so she knew it was safe! Today is the day our husky puppy learns how to swim in the swimming pool! It's a husky swimming pool party!

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