Make a PUPPUCCINO for your dog. Rocky Kanakas Puppuccino Recipe If you have ever given a dog a puppuccino at the drive thru or at home you know they go crazy for them. In this video of cute dogs trying puppuccinos I am answering all of your puppuccino questions like: What's in a puppuccino or How much does a puppuccino cost and even Are puppuccinos free? Weather you are making a puppuccino for your dog or getting a starbucks puppuccino or starbucks pupcup you want to make sure this is a fun safe way to treat your dog. Your dog might say I am the king of puppuccino time. In fact I even wrote the puppuccino time song. From making a tiny puppuccino to a large puppuccino and even opening Rocky Kanakas Puppuccino stand I have done it all for dogs. Thanks for having fun with me all these years as we make puppuccinos for shelter dogs! I will never forget the time I tried to order 100 puppuccinos at the starbucks drive thru and made pumpkin puppuccinos at the animal shelter.

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