Well beautiful friends, you know there are egg and food shortages In the US so…I bought chickens! I have a new flock I’m starting this year (I’ve raised several flocks over the past decade). I wanted to add Even more chickens to my new flock. Some will be for extra eggs (hello egg shortage) and some will be dual purpose for meat.

We had a lot of fun incubating and hatching this load of baby chicks. I bought a barn yard mix of fertile eggs from a local friend. We kept a watchful eye on them on our dining room table for 21 days. Over days 21, 22, and 23 we had CHICKEN BABIES!! It was so much fun for everyone. For those who've asked me for the link to this incubator, here is my Amazon affiliate link for the exact incubator https://amzn.to/38mKQSB I share in this video.

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