Esfand heads to beautiful Florida to host the official weigh-ins and press conference for the 2022 iDubbbz Creator Clash Youtuber Boxing event! Host Esfand introduces all of the competitors for the event, weighs them in, and gets to know each creator and their opponents!

The IDubbbzTV Creator Clash features the following lineups and special appearances:

IDubbbz VS Dr. Mike Harley (Epic Meal Time) VS Egoraptor internet comment etiquette VS DJ Welch Hundar VS AB (H3 Podcast) Yodeling Haley VS Justaminx Ryan Magee VS Alex Ernst Matt Watson VS Dad I did a thing VS The Odd 1s Out Michael Reeves VS Graham Stephan

With special guest commentary/interviews from: Akinola Verissimo, Wade Plemons, FaZe Sensei, xQcOW, Moist Cr1TiKaL, Chills, and your very own EsfandTV!

The Creator Clash features some of the top YouTubers, Twitch streamers, creators, influencers, and social media personalities of all time! Check out the website at

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