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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is here! We have a full breakdown, Easter Eggs, Marvel references, and cameos explained. We analyze how this movie fits into Sam raimi's film canon, and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. How about those cameos? Professor Xavier, Captains carter and Marvel, and You-Know-Who. Can we say? We can say. Spoiler. REED RICHARDS! We're excited, come join us!

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Randolf Nombrado

The film opens in the Gap Junction, where America Chavez and a Strange variant called Defender Strange are fighting off monsters and demons that were sent by Wanda.

Ten years ago, that sentence would have made no sense at all.

They’re after the book of Vishanti, which is like the ultimate good book of Marvel that has the most powerful white magic spells in the universe. In the comics, it was written by Agamotto, one of the first sorcerer supremes who also created the eye of Agamotto. In the MCU, this is the necklace that used to house the Time stone, but is still a powerful relic in its own right.

Now the monster is trying to take away her powers. This whole plotline was actually set up in WandaVision. In Agatha Harkness’s origin story, she is accused of, and later we see that she possess the Dark Hold. Gonna explain the dark hold in a bit, believe me.

So Agatha was unable to use this unnatural power fo the dark Hold to suck the life force and powers from her fellow witches. Agatha used this dark magic to try to absorb Wanda’s power, and now Wanda is using it on America.

America Chavez is also produced pretty faithfully from the comics. She’s actually from a dimension outside the multiverse called the Utopian parallel. Just like we see in the movie, her parents were two women, but they didn;t disappear accidentally. Long story short, they sacrificed themselves to save the Utopian parallel and move it into the regular multiverse. And in the comics instead of her moms being lost in the multiverse, it’s her sister Catalina.

And I just gotta say, superhero origins have gotten way weirder. When I was a kid, it was like, here’s a geek and he gets bit by a spider so now he’s like a spider. God I sound old In my day, if a man wanted ant powers, he made an ant suit and that was that.

Moving on. Her jacket is straight from the comics, but I believe they added this pride flag pin, a nod to her being a lesbian in the comics. And the phrase “amor es amor” is written on her jacket, Spanish for “love is love.” And the star-shaped portals she creates are also taken straight from the comics.

So Defender Strange is willing to sacrifice her, and says ““In the grand calculus of the multiverse, your sacrifice is worth more than your life.”

And this isn't just a throwaway easter egg. It’s showing that the MCU’s Strange is willing to make these same kinds of sacrifices. First he’s letting supervillains die, next he’s killing a teenage girl. These same hard calls are made by other Stephens in the movie–like Illuminati Stephen and Evil Stephen.

And we saw this in Strange Supreme in what if [talking about needing more power]. The first doctor strange movie showed usStrange learning to overcome his ego [it’s not about you]. But this movie shows us the root of that ego, that Strange doesn’t trust anyone else to succeed. He’s the smartest, the best, so it has to be him.

He carries around the guilt of letting his sister die–which happened in the comics, easter egg for you. Because of that guilt, he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. He has to get more powerful so HE can be the one to save everyone. So Strange’s arc, in this movie, is to overcome this weakness, and learn to trust others. In the case of America Cghvez, he has to learn that important lesson that all teachers have to learn–he has to NOT take away the pencil, and trust her to win the day.

As Christine puts it, as a surgeon he always had to be the one to hold the knife. His trust issues drove them apart in every reality. And, as a side note, delegating saving the world gives him more time to focus on his own happiness. But more on that later.

When Strange gets ready for Christine’s wedding, he has to use magic to tie his tie, because his hands are still crippled and can't manage this task. This is also probably why he had a goatee trim guide in his basement in No way Home.

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