No Limits Ep 7 ►► Wanna Walton Feature! ►► OTE Mini Dunk Show ►►

IT'S PLAYOFF TIME!!!!! Jada and the gang took on Westview at home to start the District playoffs. They had played them earlier this season, so they new what they were getting into. They started off the game really sloppy- missing layups, bad fouls, turnovers. Jada knew it was time to TAKE OVER!! She really was the spark they needed-she started draining 3s and dropping DIMES into Breya. Everybody got hot!! Breya was also lockdown on defense and completely shut them down in the paint. They held Westview to only 2 points in the 2nd quarter!!! LJCDS started running away with it, so they let the whole team play in the 4th. Jada and Taj were going crazy on the bench hyping up their team! They ended up copping the 40-point dub. Now onto the next!!! They played El Camino at home in the 2nd round. Mikey obviously pulled up to support Jada & the squad. He really is their #1 fan. Some of the El Camino fans came in talking a big game that "Jada wasn't gonna do nothing." They started off a little slow, but Jada turned it around and shut those fans up real quick. Taj & Sumayah also had insane games and were lights out from 3. Make sure you watch til the end to see if the girls can pull off the dub and make it to the District Championship 👀

Hope you guys have been messing w this series. Love y'all ❤️ Follow Us... OR ELSE

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