Crossing a Plank with a Hoverboard?!

After Chad Wild Clay made "100 Layers of LEGO Obstacle Course Battle", Vy Qwaint created "I TURNED My HOUSE into a STARBUCKS DRIVE THRU", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Eating the Worlds SPICIEST Food - Extreme Spicy Hot Challenge", Chad decides to challenge the rest of the Spy Ninjas to a Plank crossing dare! It's not just your average 2x4 laid across the pool, but instead, a plank raised up to the heavens, plenty of feet up in the air! Chad crosses while Regina shoots a bow and arrow at him. Daniel crosses while Chad uses a Nerf blaster on him. Vy balances across the beam while blindfolded. It was so scary! And finally, Chad uses a hover board to cross two planks. Do the Spy Ninjas have the bravery it takes to complete such a task? Even through the added danger of being up so many feet up in the air? Stay tuned to watch the iconic moment featured on the thumbnail. It's a first for the Spy Ninjas, and possibly the first on YouTube. Find out which one of the Spy Ninjas is truly the bravest! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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