What a weekend this was! To see our friends, Jess & Gabe, who have been cheering for us, praying with us and now celebrating us is such a sweet full circle moment... We loved getting to surprise them and you all on social media! Honestly we haven't come down off this "high" lol and don't see us doing that anytime soon. But I do want to leave you all with some lingering thoughts in today's Description Devotional...

I'm learning more and more that life is what you make of it... I wouldn't have caught that if we hadn't recorded the fun we just had this weekend. We would have told everyone the good news and then a week later move on with our life until the next "big thing" happens. I felt sort of convicted about that because in Christ we have all we need and can celebrate every day. He has created you. and me. totally unique for a purpose. He is strong where we are weak and he walks with us hand in hand whether we are at the peak of a mountain or in the lowest valley...That is reason enough to celebrate! Let's not get lost in our desire for "things, experiences & people" that we forget what we currently have which is more than enough for us! We all have something to celebrate so let's press pause on the need to constantly go after more and celebrate what we currently have!

Love yall, Chad & Tori

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